Beauty meets Nachhaltigkeit

Beauty meets sustainability

The cliché-eco: self-knit sweater, hair back and no make-up. Nowadays there are enough sustainable alternatives that hardly distinguish an "eco" from the "normal".

Maybe that's a bit of an exaggeration, but for a long time it was the cliché by which people who value environmental protection were judged. But sustainability is a diverse topic that is lived out by many people in a wide variety of ways - above all, you can no longer look at it on the people. Because there are now also sustainable beauty products! So nobody who strives for a sustainable lifestyle has to do without make-up.

Person applies make-up with the Beauty ID Palette Florence from Benecos

For example, we have sustainable products from GR(Ü)N and Benecos in our online shop. The Benecos Beauty ID Palette is refillable and the packaging is mostly made of paper instead of plastic. That means you can choose which products you want to fill your pallet with and as soon as a pan is empty, you can reorder the product individually. Highlighter, blush, eyeshadow, lip & cheek balm are all available to put together your personal palette.

Man drips beard oil on his hand

If you are looking for other sustainable beauty products, Benecos also has a sustainable beard oil and a sustainable face and body cream . For skin care on a relaxing wellness evening, there are COSMOS-certified face masks from GR(Ü)N . There is a mask for every skin type. In contrast to conventional masks, the packaging is resealable and has enough content for four uses.

Person using GRN Firming Care anti-wrinkle mask

But what actually distinguishes sustainable from conventional beauty products and how do I recognize sustainable cosmetics? First of all, most sustainable beauty products are cruelty-free and vegan compared to conventional products. In addition, care is taken to reduce the packaging material and keep it as sustainable as possible. A closer look is also taken at the ingredients. But how can you tell whether a product is really sustainable? A good indicator of this is the COSMOS seal.

Image of body and face cream with the COSMOS seal

The products from Benecos and GRN are also labeled with this. But what does this seal mean? The COSMOS seal is the seal when it comes to sustainable cosmetics. It is managed by a non-profit association founded by five European certification organizations. It claims that ingredients such as parabens, silicones and synthetic dyes are not included in the products. Another requirement is clear and accurate labeling of ingredients and environmentally friendly product packaging and minimization of waste.

So there is something sustainable for everyone who is interested in beauty products! So help to counteract the cliché and make sustainability the new beauty standard.