Die Putz-Revolution geht weiter

The cleaning revolution continues

That's what you say about our cleaning agent set

Our cleaning agent trio, consisting of a cleaning bottle, all-purpose cleaning tab and glass cleaning tab, has been available in our shop for a few weeks now. We have already informed you about the advantages over other tab solutions. Now we want to show you what advantages our set has in everyday life and what feedback we have received from you so far.

I like the environmental protection, no mountains of plastic waste, no microplastics, the natural ingredients, no acrid chemical smell, pleasant smell.

customer feedback

Small miracle of space

As with all tab solutions, with our set you have the advantage of no longer having tons of plastic bottles in the closet. Instead of many large liquid cleaners, you now only need the space for a few small cleaning tabs and they fit into a small storage jar. In this way you can easily create additional space for other great and environmentally friendly everyday helpers.

Without further waste production! If the cleaning agent is empty, new ones can be produced immediately. Great idea 💡

customer feedback

One bottle for all cleaners

You can also reduce the number of refill bottles thanks to our cleaning bottle. Because of the adjustable non-slip base, you can use our bottle for several tabs at the same time. For example, if there was all-purpose cleaner in the now empty bottle, but you now need glass cleaner, you can simply remove the silicone base and reattach it to the bottom of the bottle so that the arrow now points to glass instead of all-purpose.

What I like best is the handling, the sustainability and the smell.

customer feedback

Complete satisfaction with a breeze of flowery meadows

But what pleases us even more than the many advantages of our products is the extremely positive feedback we have received from you since the presentation of the cleaning agent tabs and cleaning bottles. Not only did we get the advertised cleaning performance confirmed, but the look of the cleaning bottle and, above all, the great scent of our cleaners were also praised.

But convince yourself, because we have created an overview of previous reviews for you.

Cleaning kit reviews

With a lot of pride behind the scenes

We are particularly proud of the many positive reviews! Because what you probably don't know is how much work we put into our revolutionary cleaning trio in advance. We thought about the durability and reusability of our glass cleaning bottle. We tested different tab compositions, colors and scents until we found the right combination. We have emphasized proper testing and that all materials are as environmentally friendly as possible. And last but not least, our creative minds have put a lot of work and attention to detail into our image, video and information material so that you get an overall impression of our heart product.

Excited about things to come

As you can see, since our cleaning products have been in the shop, we have already received a lot of positive and constructive feedback. For example, our customers also asked for additional tabs for the bathroom, kitchen or floor. In fact, all-purpose and glass cleaners are just the beginning and the range will be steadily expanded in the future.

In the meantime, however, we have also received many questions that show how creative our customers are. Of course, two tabs of the all-purpose cleaner can also be dissolved in one liter of water, for example in a bucket or basin, if you need more cleaner for your spring cleaning. Please note that an all-purpose cleaner, for example, is unfortunately not the same as a floor cleaner. Otherwise, there are no limits to your imagination and we are always happy when you share your successes and suggestions in the reviews.