Wir starten die Putz-Revolution

We start the cleaning revolution

Allow? Our newest family members: The WingGuard cleaning bottle and cleaning agent tabs! But do you know why we proudly call it the cleaning revolution?
Blick durch eine Pflanze auf die WingGuard Reinigungsflasche, gefüllt mit Allzweckreiniger aus Putzmittel-Tab.

First things first: the cleaning bottle

Our new cleaning set, consisting of a cleaning bottle and cleaning agent tabs, is perhaps not the first of its kind on the market. But if you look closely, you will notice that it differs greatly from other tabs in some respects.

The cleaning bottle is not specified for a specific cleaner, but can be used for all applications, whether general purpose, glass, kitchen or bathroom, thanks to the adjustable, non-slip silicone ring. This way you can easily keep track of which cleaner you have just dissolved in the bottle.

But what makes us just as proud is the fact that we can reduce the plastic content of our cleaning bottle to a minimum. Compared to other manufacturers, we use glass instead of plastic for our bottle body.

Man sieht zwei WingGuard Reinigungsflaschen auf einer nassen Arbeitsfläche, jeweils gefüllt mit nachhaltigem Tab-Glasreiniger und Tab-Allzweckreiniger.

Tab, the bet stands:

Independent testing of our cleaning performance

Now you're probably thinking, "Well and good, but that doesn't make a revolution." You're probably right about that, but the best is yet to come. Because the real revolution is in our tabs. They not only consist of up to 96% mineral and natural ingredients, but also have been proven to provide the highest cleaning performance compared to other cleaning tabs.

And because we don't expect you to blindly trust what we say, we have had our tabs tested by the independent Institute for Recipe, Analysis and Quality Control Research (IRFAQ).

Blick vorbei an einer WingGuard Reinigungsflasche auf eine dreckige Oberfläche, die von einer jungen Person mit WingGuard Mikrofasertuch und WingGuard Allzweckreiniger aus Putzmittel-Tab gereinigt wird.

Our all-purpose cleaner put to the acid test

The IRFAQ made our all-purpose cleaner sweat quite a bit. Not only was our tab tested in comparison to three other tabs on the market, but also to a classic liquid all-purpose cleaner.

As if that weren't enough of a challenge, the test surface was also prepared with a mixture of cooking oil, clay and soot. Tough enough? No, because the dirty surface was left to dry afterwards.

In short, it was an absolute endurance test for our cleaning products. But even more impressive than the test conditions are the results.

Grafische Darstellung der Ergebnisse des Allzweck-Tab Performance-Tests zur Reinigungsleistung der WingGuard Putzmitteltabs.

WingGuard general purpose tabs performed 30 times better

After the same amount of cleaner was used to clean the really dirty test surface, it was briefly rinsed under clear water and left to dry. The cleaning performance was then evaluated according to a specified standard on a scale of 0-1, i.e. from “no cleaning performance” to “complete cleaning performance”.

Our all-purpose cleaner finishes 30 times better than comparable tabs on the market. It was also more than able to keep up with the liquid cleaner compared to other tabs. However, with our tab, due to the lower weight compared to the liquid cleaner, the CO2 emissions during transport are also significantly reduced.

Junge, blonde Frau in weißem Shirt putzt ein großes Fenster von innen. So verwendet dafür die Eigenprodukte von WingGuard: Putzmittel-Tab für Glasreiniger gelöst in der Reinigungsflasche, sowie ein Mikrofasertuch.

Clear view for our glass cleaner

Different tab, different requirements. Since the cleaning performance is not the only performance that our glass cleaner is supposed to provide, our tab had to prove itself in the category free of streaks and streaks. After all, it is his job to give you the full perspective.

Therefore, the IRFAQ evaluated the amount of residues, such as stripes or streaks, after cleaning a mirror. The amount of residue was rated on a scale of 0-4, i.e. from "no residue" to "high residue", according to a prescribed standard.

Grafische Darstellung der Ergebnisse des WingGuard Glas-Tab Performance-Tests zur Streifenfreiheit.

Virtually streak-free cleaning with WingGuard glass cleaner tabs

This time our tab had to compare itself with three tabs commonly available on the market. The mirror surface was always wiped with the same amount of cleaning agent, which was previously applied to a cloth, and then left to dry for an hour. Only then was it assessed how much residue the cleaning agents had left on the mirror.

The result: Our tab performs best of all those tested. Sometimes even twice as good as other tabs. Admittedly, we weren't entirely free of streaks. But the fewer streaks and streaks a cleaner leaves behind, the less of it you need. So hopefully the sustainability aspect will pick up the last skeptic here too.

Go ahead and test yourself

In the end, we can collect as much data as we like, process it graphically and summarize it. If you don't experience our cleaning tabs yourself, these are all just promises. So convince yourself and take our cleaning agent starter set home, for example. So we can soon wave the flag of the cleaning revolution together!