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NEW: Climate-friendly beauty products from APRICOT

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APRICOT has the highest standards: The beauty products should make your skin more beautiful and not harm the environment. So it was only a matter of time before we welcomed APRICOT to WingGuard .

At some point it starts... earlier for one person, a little later for another. You get little laugh lines around your eyes or the first frown lines on your forehead. Wrinkles are completely normal and give you expression. They show how much fun you've had in your life so far or how many things you've had to worry about. That's why you should be proud of your wrinkles first and foremost!

If you still want to do something against them or at least mitigate them a bit, we now have the solution for you in the shop with APRICOT.

Model with three reusable hyaluronic silicone facial pads from APRICOT | Wing Guard

Efficacy and skin tolerance

APRICOT reusable silicone pads are made of medical-grade silicone enriched with hyaluronic acid. By placing the pads on the cleaned skin, a microclimate is created between the pad and the skin in a short time, which ensures that your skin is particularly receptive. The hyaluron can be optimally absorbed and penetrate into the deeper layers of the skin, where it increases the moisture in your skin and at the same time stimulates the body's own collagen production. At the same time, the pad ensures manual smoothing of your wrinkles.

The effectiveness of this type of wrinkle reduction has even been confirmed in clinical studies. On top of that, APRICOT guarantees excellent skin compatibility, which has been proven by voluntary dermatological tests and studies with the DermaTest institute.

Cleaning a reusable silicone pad with the silicone pad cleaner from APRICOT | Wing Guard

Benefits of reusable beauty pads

In addition to the moisturizing and wrinkle-reducing effect, the silicone beauty pads have another advantage: the hyaluron storage in the pad is sufficient for up to 30 applications. This not only saves resources, but is also good for your wallet. Instead of constantly having to buy new disposable pads, you can easily clean APRICOT products from time to time with mild soap or the APRICOT Silicone Pad Cleaner under running, lukewarm water and then store them hygienically and protected from light in the sachet bag. In addition, they are vegan, animal-free and were produced by hand in Munich.

Do you think that these are already great arguments for APRICOT products? Then watch what follows. Your green heart will do somersaults.

Apricots hanging on the tree as an illustration of the climate neutrality of APRICOT Beauty products | Wing Guard

APRICOT on the way to climate neutrality

APRICOT aims to become a fully carbon neutral company and they are well on the way there. For example, the website has been carbon neutral since April 2022. In addition, the outer packaging consists of 100% FSC-certified, climate-neutral natural paper. This makes it fully recyclable and biodegradable. The sachet bags of the silicone pads are not only resealable, but are made from recycled food-grade plastic. For products from the natural cosmetics series, APRICOT relies on recyclable glass bottles.

We think this level of commitment is excellent; and in fact APRICOT can show various awards from the year 2022. They received four prizes at once: the German Design Award , the German Brand Award, the German Innovation Award and the Green Product Award .

Despite everything, you are still skeptical whether the hype is justified? Then convince yourself and imitate other customers with your own #apricot30daychallenge .