plain b Kids Shampoo - Kinderhände greifen nach den festen Kindershampoos von plain b Kids an. |

We're growing: plain b Kids

After our bestseller, the solid shampoo from plain b, we now have the smaller and milder children's shampoo from plain b Kids. The best, sustainable solution for the hair of our little ones.

plain b's solid shampoo is still one of your favorite items. No wonder, because it does not consist of natural ingredients and is completely plastic-free. It also foams excellently, is economical and also feels good in the hand. So it wasn't far off to use it as a model for our new plain b kids shampoo.

plain b Kids Shampoo - Child looks at the packaging of plain b Kids' solid children's shampoo. |

But why do we even need a separate children's shampoo?

Children's scalps and hair are generally more sensitive than adults' and therefore extremely in need of protection. For this reason, children's shampoos take into account the specific needs and sensitivities of children's hair and scalp and enable gentle and effective cleaning. Since children's hair is not only thinner and softer, but also more prone to dryness and damage, they need an extra gentle and moisturizing shampoo. In addition, children are more prone to skin allergies. So parabens, sulfates and other harsh chemicals that can cause skin irritation have no place here.

plain b Kids Shampoo - Child holds the solid children's shampoo with apple scent from plain b Kids in its hands. |

plain b Kids is designed for children's sensitive skin and hair

What does the plain b Kids Shampoo bring with it? First of all, the children's shampoo has everything that the solid shampoo has. Or much more, we do without the same things: It is free of palm oil, microplastics, parabens, silicones and artificial preservatives. Instead, as with all plain b products, we rely on natural ingredients. On top of that, our children's shampoo is also vegan.

We have also made sure that we only use the best and mildest ingredients: our solid plain b kids shampoo contains a mild coconut surfactant, which cleans hair and children's scalps particularly gently. Vegetable glycerine also provides the extra portion of moisture. But that's not all. It also makes combing easier so combing afterwards doesn't become a drama.

plain b kids shampoo in use - a child washes its own hair with the solid children's shampoo from plain b |

Anything but boring

Because we not only know how unsightly tugging hair is, but also how reluctant the little ones are to have their hair washed, we have of course given this some thought. The solid children's shampoo not only stimulates the senses with its refreshing apple or fruity strawberry scent, but also invites you to play thanks to the cute penguin motif and easy-to-understand text. The ergonomic shape is adapted to small children's hands, which means that the solid shampoo fits well in the hands of the little ones and invites them to do it themselves. But what shouldn't be missing? That's right, the foam party! That's why the children's shampoo foams as well as conventional shampoos.

And finally…

As you can see, your child does not have to do without anything with the solid children's shampoo and gets the best care that we have to offer.

In addition, with plain b we continue to go the way of being plastic-free and remain true to environmental protection: our plain b kids shampoo is also lovingly handcrafted in Germany and is packaged plastic-free.